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Charlotte Bobcats (7-45) at Milwaukee Bucks (26-28) Game Preview -- 8:30 p.m.

Today's Tunes:

"Death Letter" - White Stripes (Live - Blackpool (via symelian)

Game Overview: Well then. The Bucks are on a little tear now, winning 11 of their last 15. I think the Jennings-Ellis backcourt is starting to find its footing, though they can still be inconsistent or inefficient. Their main weakness is rebounding, where they are fourth worst in offensive rebounding. They also struggle to shoot efficiently, with the 20th-best FG%, but they make up for that with extra possessions with their ability to force turnovers and holding a strong turnover margin.

The Bobcats need, well, a strong performance overall. Biyombo pulling down boards, defense that talks amongst themselves to communicate to help force Milwaukee's frontcourt into long twos. The key to Milwaukee is to keep them from getting whatever they want in the paint. Of course, with the Bobcats that's easier said than done. Offensively, they must get efficient looks in the paint, not just jump shots.

Key Matchup: Gerald Henderson vs Monta Ellis -- in the last game, Ellis was roadkill for Henderson. He didn't have the size to matchup, nor the strength of defensive footwork or anything. He was flambéed. Charlotte will need that kind of offensive and defensive performance from Henderson again. More driving to the hoop, please!

(sorry, didn't have time for microsoft painting today. I'll try to get one done after work for the GameThread)