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Kyrie Irving wins Rookie of the Year, Kemba Walker receives some votes


So the NBA announced this morning that Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving won Rookie of the Year. This should come as a surprise to no one. He was fantastic as a scorer and distributor, especially with the talent (or lack thereof) surrounding him.

The Bobcats' Kemba Walker also received a few votes: three third-place votes, to be exact. Now I'm not saying I wouldn't have voted for Kemba ... no wait, that is what I'm saying. I think he has some solid room for improvement, but yeah - not even I would have voted for Walker for top three rookie of the year. Walker showed some solid passing (when people expected little) and very good ability to create scoring opportunities off the dribble, but also tends to dribble inefficiently and his jumpshot needs work. Again, I think he could reel in those issues, but right now, not a top-three rookie. That's no knock on him, either. He wasn't drafted until ninth overall anyway.

And then there was some doofus giving Iman Shumpert first-place vote. C'mon, folks. Don't drink and vote.