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Jerry Sloan to meet with Bobcats Friday

Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan spoke with Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated today, discussing his Friday meeting with the Bobcats, among other things: Where do things stand with your coaching future?

Sloan: I'm supposed to talk to Charlotte tomorrow, and beyond that I haven't talked to anybody else. Are you 100 percent interested in that job, or is this a two-way feeling-out process at all?

Sloan: I wouldn't talk to them if I wasn't interested. I wouldn't waste their time. That's not something I'm interested in doing. But I have no idea, and they probably have no idea about me, so I don't know. I guess that's why we're meeting.

Be sure to hit the jump and check the link for more about Sloan's desire to return to coaching, his thoughts on other coaching vacancies, and the Indiana-Miami series. You spent most of your coaching life going to the arena expecting to win almost every single night. Do you think it would be quite an adjustment to take on a job like Charlotte (which finished with a record-low .106 winning percentage)?

Sloan: You've got to realize that I played on an expansion team in my second year [the 1966-67 Chicago Bulls]. We were supposed to win 10 games. And you deal with a bunch of guys who are willing to work and put in a lot of effort, you never know what can happen. We won 33 games, and I think we were the only expansion team to make the playoffs.

That, to me, was an interesting thing to be involved with. I don't mean to say that [the Bobcats] are an expansion team, but they've struggled some and you never know. Maybe the minds work together and something comes out of it. Maybe they don't. I don't know.

Interesting stuff. It's nice to hear the other side of the "but Jerry Sloan hasn't really coached a team in a real rebuilding process" argument. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.