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2012 NBA Draft Lottery Thread


The NBA Draft lottery is tonight, and the Bobcats' future hangs in the balance. The Bobcats have only a 25% chance at the first pick, but they are certain to earn a pick somewhere in the top four after every ping pong ball has been selected and proclaimed. It's an interesting and important night, but one that feels odd given its random nature and creation of concentrated hope. The NBA lottery system allows for any of 14 teams to have a chance at the top pick, which leads to a peculiar mix of optimism and sheer luck. Few teams need the top selection as urgently as the Bobcats do, but any pick will provide the team with a significant chance to improve. The franchise and Rich Cho will have far more control over its future on June 28th, the night of the draft, but for now, luck and hope take precedence.

This is your thread to comment on the happenings of the lottery as the night progresses, so please comment below.