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Rod Higgins' reaction, what one fan would do, on the coaching search, and stop saying the lottery is fixed

Well, we've certainly got plenty of links to go through today.

Rod Higgins on 730 ESPN
Bobcats President of Basketball Operations Rod Higgins talks with Richard Walker and Rick Bonnell about getting the #2 overall pick in the draft.

Strictly Speaking • Fixing the Bobcats
How one Bobcats fan would fix the team with some draft moves

Welcome to paradise
Why the Bobcats' ability to give a coach carte blanche should be attractive for coaching candidates.

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An NBA draft lottery conspiracy? It didn’t seem that way
Stop it with the conspiracy theories.

Was the NBA Draft Lottery rigged? Well, no, but people are thinking it anyway
Seriously, stop it.

And last but not least, Draft Express has us taking Thomas Robinson.