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Cleveland News Reports Cavs-Bobcats Talking Trade

Over the last week reports have heated up that the Bobcats and Cavaliers could consummate a mutually beneficial trade that would net Charlotte an additional first round selection, and guarantee Cleveland a player they covet (reportedly Florida SG Bradley Beal). While we heard grumblings on a local level, we never really heard much from Ohio on the matter, until now.

Telich of Fox 8 is a respected sportscaster in the Cleveland area, and most definitely has his finger on the pulse. The Bobcats are in a unique position where controlling their own destiny isn't really of huge importance. Unlike the Cavs who are looking to add that final, developmental piece, Charlotte are in dire need of help all over the court, and have as many as four players they would be comfortable using their first pick on after spending significant time with Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bradley Beal, and Harrison Barnes. Selecting 4th overall would still ensure one of these players, and if they're close in the eyes of ‘Cats scouts then it's a simple decision.

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Adding the 24th overall selection could add a fringe starter/quality bench player to the mix, something the Bobcats sorely need. General Manager Rich Cho has talked about the desire to find a bigger point guard, which could put someone like Tony Wroten in play, whilst new head coach Mike Dunlap has stressed the need to improve the ‘Cats three-point shooting, and to this end there are several players who would fit the bill.

Finally there's the additional 2nd round selection in the form of the 34th pick. It's easy to write off these selections, especially when Charlotte sold last year's (Jeremy Tyler) for $1 million, but in a draft as deep as 2012's these are players who won't have much trouble making a talent bereft Bobcats' roster.

It's hard to imagine Rich Cho wouldn't be salivating at the opportunity to give Charlotte a total of four selections on Thursday night. You don't build the database he has without having the foresight to look deep into the draft, and hope to unearth some gems. It wasn't so long ago that he was on a staff that selected Serge Ibaka in the late twenties.

Stay tuned to RoF where we'll keep you informed of any news regarding this potential trade as it happens.