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Charlotte Bobcats Draft in TT Minus 12 hrs

Want the #2 overall pick? This is your price. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Want the #2 overall pick? This is your price. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In just under twelve hours the Charlotte Bobcats will make their selection, and that's about as much as we know. There's no clear indication whose name will be called when Charlotte pick, or whether the player they select will even play for the team; this is truly one of the most confusing drafts in team history, and I'm not sure we'd have it any other way. Missing out on Anthony Davis was an undeniable punch to the gut, look no further than Rich Cho's reaction on lottery night when New Orleans were awarded the #1 overall pick, but all that has led to is Cho needing to be more creative, and work harder to put together the puzzle that will return the Bobcats to relevance.

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The draft picture is no clearer than it was last night, but for now the biggest, most reliable nugget we have on the Charlotte brain trust is that they're still trying to saddle someone with Tyrus Thomas's contract in a trade down scenario. It has been discussed a lot around RoF that TT would be the most likely recipient of Charlotte's still unused amnesty clause, but the truth is if they hold onto the amnesty and rid themselves of Thomas it could be used on Gana Diop, and take out the worst contracts in one fell swoop.

Conventional wisdom is leaning towards the Bobcats winding up with Thomas Robinson tonight, either by taking him at no.2, or by winding up with him in a trade. In Hoopshype's latest mock draft Charlotte are selecting Bradley Beal with the #2 overall pick, and ultimately completing the deal rumored all week that would send Beal to Cleveland for the 4th and 24th picks. It should be noted that in this mock it would net Thomas Robinson, and Dryamond Green.

There's still a small, vocal minority who believe Charlotte will take Kentucky SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Much of this is predicated on Cleveland trying to get a late workout in with Syracuse SG Dion Waiters. What was once thought to be Cleveland looking to trade down, now sources are saying this could be a contingency plan should Charlotte take Kidd-Gilchrist with the second pick, and Beal going to Washington at #3. If true, this raises questions about Thomas Robinson's position in the draft, as well as Harrison Barnes who has been willing to work out for teams drafting later in the lottery; his camp are obviously not as confident he'll be taken in the top five.

Tonight would be decidedly more relaxed if the Bobcats had the #1 pick, but it would also be decidedly more boring. For a season that lacked excitement in Charlotte it feels apropos we'd get one of the most intriguing, curious drafts of the last decade. Whatever happens tonight the Bobcats will get to add two excellent players to their roster, and even if they stay at 2 and 31, we'll have a much improved roster to look forward to in 2012-13.