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Charlotte Bobcats: 99 Offers, but Tyrus Ain't One

According to David Aldridge, and confirmed by ESPN's Andy Katz, the Charlotte Bobcats have "Five legitimate offers" for the #2 overall pick, and now Rich Cho and Co. are evaluating their position.

Yesterday Cho stated that the Cats wouldn't move with pick unless they received an offer that was ‘enticing', so we now hit that fun stage where we get to play semantics for the next 7+ hours evaluating what a ‘legitimate offer' is vs. something that's ‘enticing'. One offer that is neither is Minnesota's comical attempt:

In similar news I'm looking to trade a ten-dollar bill for a one-hundred dollar bill. If you're interested please email me at the address listed on the bottom of the page. I await your correspondence.

Surely this can't be regarded as a ‘legitimate deal', can it? Semantics or not I'm saying no, and moving on with the idea that this Timberwolves proposal was an outlier, and there are still five deals that are worthy of consideration; but from who?

Obviously Cleveland are still in the picture, as well as Houston and Portland who were mentioned last night, but from there it gets muddy. There are swirling rumors regarding scores of teams who are looking to get into the lottery, but nothing more specific than that, or relating solely to Charlotte. For now the asking price from the Bobcats is still high-- take Tyrus Thomas, but unless a team gets desperate that seems almost as unlikely as Minnesota's offer.

Let the speculation continue... huzzah!