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NBA Draft: Open Thread

So here we are. Weeks of speculation, prognostication, and assertion end tonight as the Charlotte Bobcats make their first selections under new head coach Mike Dunlap. Make no mistake though, this is the Rich Cho and Rod Higgins show, and whoever is the selection(s) have undergone intense scrutiny from Higgins's eye, and Cho's computer.

As it stands things have been quiet for the last 5 hrs, too quiet. We know the Bobcats are still entertaining offers, and we know they're still driving a hard bargain; other than that it's all speculation and intrigue.

Will the Bobcats stand pat at #2? Will the pick announced actually be the player we see in Charlotte in the fall? We'll be here all night from before the draft, all thr way through the evening to laugh, cheer, get excited... and hopefully not fight back tears. The vital first step to turning this franchise around begins with the highest pick this franchise has had since their inception, so let's see the front office get this done!

This is now an open thread!