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Bobcats looking to deal No. 2 pick, reports say

Not surprising. The dropoff from Anthony Davis to, well, everyone else is pretty big. Not because other lottery prospects are bad, but Davis is so capable of being a sure franchise-changer, while other players are riskier if you need that star caliber player.

So word is Charlotte is looking for buyers, which though without specifics, has to be to trade down for multiple picks or to get other talent.

There are plus and minuses to this.

Trading Down

The post-Davis talent pool is good, but kind of a plateau, and the Bobcats can just use talent wherever. Trading down and drafting well allows them to pick up multiple solid lottery picks to solidify their depth at more than one position and possibly improve across the board. The downside of this is that trading down means they could miss out on some of the clear better talent, even if this is at a sort of plateau, talent-wise. Maybe a guy like Thomas Robinson who can come in and contribute at a somewhat high level nearly immediately still has a higher value than two modestly lesser skilled players that come later in the lottery.

Adding Talent

This might not be a bad idea either in theory: trade the No. 2 pick, get a talented player in return and maybe even a late first round pick, along with other pieces dealt, of course. The problem with this is that the players being dealt will likely either be a) not talented enough to match the value of a No. 2 pick, or b) will end up saddling the team with a big contract. If I may, I point to the Rudy Gay rumors. I like Gay's game, but that contract is all like whoaaaa ($16.5M in '12-'13, $17.9M in '13-'14, $19.3M in '14-'15). Even if Diop or Thomas are dealt in that deal, that still hinders the Bobcats' flexibility. I still am not 100 percent against this idea in theory, but I feel like it's not an equal return.

All told, I'm still not sure I wouldn't just stick at No. 2.