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Eric Gordon to Visit Bobcats

With free agency beginning the common line of thinking was that the Charlotte Bobcats would spend time looking to patch their considerable holes at power forward and center, rather than focusing on a backcourt that already has DJ. Augustin, Kemba Walker, Gerald Henderson, and Ben Gordon. However, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard the Bobcats are at least entertaining one major signing:

A free agent visit is nothing of note for most teams, but when you're a team that's been hamstrung by salary woes in recent years, the possible visit of Eric Gordon shows a serious seachange in front office thinking. While it's easy to brush off Gordon coming to town as 'not a need', the fact is he is a legitimate 20 ppg scorer, and something Charlotte desperately needs. That being said, with the recent acquisition of Ben Gordon it seems odd the front office would be wooing another small shooting guard with the myriad deficiencies they have in the front court.

Here is where that 'perhaps' comes into play with Gordon and the Cats. Personally, I hope they tell his agent they're not touching a max contract, and if that shies him away from Charlotte, then so be it. Twenty point scorer or not, if offered the max this will be the same situation Memphis are dealing with right now as they desperately try and unload Rudy Gay after saddling themselves with a max level contract, despite Gay having no business making that kind of money.

Even if Eric Gordon doesn't visit this shows the Bobcats are planning to be serious players in free agency. The organization is on a very different course now, and perhaps Michael Jordan can finally shake the 'cheap' tag he's often given; I just hope it's for a player that better fits the immediate needs of the organization.