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In the small print: Bobcats reportedly interested in offering Brook Lopez a max contract offer sheet

I know this is a terrible photo to use, but good god it's so funny I couldn't resist
I know this is a terrible photo to use, but good god it's so funny I couldn't resist

Last night, Yahoo! Sports' NBA insider extraordinaire Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Brooklyn Nets are close to re-upping with restricted free agent center Brook Lopez.

But in the third paragraph of his column, there's a quick note that would interest Bobcats fans:

The Charlotte Bobcats have shown the most interest in signing Lopez to a max sheet, sources said.

Of course, this is followed with confirmation that the Nets would more than likely match the offer sheet for the restricted free agent. But still, it's an interesting tidbit. Word of this (and probably other teams thinking similarly) probably also double as a move to put the Nets between a rock and a hard place considering the contracts they're already giving Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace. I'm no economist, but that puts them near the $58 million salary cap just with three players. And with a max contract for Lopez, they would nearly assuredly hit the luxury tax in fielding this team. But Mikhail Prokhorov is not one to be afraid to pay the tax, I think we can be fairly sure. It would also preclude a Dwight Howard trade, probably, what with how the Nets would only have a couple players and some stale popcorn to offer other teams.

Letting my imagination run in this direction, though, and it's fun to thing about (money aside). Putting a scorer as talented on the block as Brook Lopez next to Bismack Biyombo would be neat. It's something the Bobcats lack that would make for a strong frontcourt. I've said in the past that as long as Lopez is paired in a frontcourt with a strong rebounding power forward, it's not that big a deal that he has big issues with wrangling rebounds. And with Biyombo's defensive skillset, it certainly would be an interesting combination.

But then there are the issues with giving a max contract to a guy who has a ton to prove to earn such a contract and is coming off a foot injury that unfortunately sidelined him for all but 5 games this past season. Anyway, this is all pretty moot, I suppose. But sometimes it's intriguing to think about fits like these.