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D.J. Augustin drawing trade interest from Pacers, more on Antawn Jamison's options

I'm not sure if this "DJ Augustine" is the same as DJ Augustin, but I guess I'll throw caution into the wind and assume they are one in the same, fact-checking be damned.

The Indiana Pacers find themselves in a bit of a hole at the point guard position now, after trading Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones to the Dallas Mavericks in a sign and trade for Ian Mahinmi (who will sign for four years, $16 million). The Pacers now only have George Hill under contract at point guard, so of course they're looking for some more help at the position. They've had interest in Augustin for a while now, including a great hilarious story about when T.J. Ford heard the Bobcats were trading for him and he got so happy, he danced in front of his teammates outside of their plane. That proposed deal would have sent Augustin, Gerald Henderson and Nazr Mohammed for Ford and Brandon Rush.

But this might all be for naught, as the Observer's Rick Bonnell had this to say:

Anywayyyyyyyy, in other SUPER DUPER EXCITING BOBCATS FREE AGENCY NEWS, we have some more non-progress on the front of Antawn Jamison destinations, with the Nets and Warriors entering the fray with the Bobcats for the veteran forward.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, the young Bobcats are going through a short minicamp with new head coach Mike Dunlap. Bismack Biyombo hates the city because he's only 19 and can't do anything but read his Bible on the busand Gerald Henderson and Reggie Williams both joined in on practices today despite not being on the team. Yay, devotion is neat!