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Haywood JaSignme? The Bobcats will! Charlotte makes deal with Brendan Haywood


After the Dallas Mavericks amnestied their seven footer Brendan Haywood, the Bobcats won the blind auction to pick him up from the waiver wire. What that means is that the Bobcats will owe Haywood something in the ballpark of $6 million over three years.

Haywood was a defensive workhorse in the paint for the Wizards for years in their heyday until they broke up the band when things went south with Gilbert Arenas and Washington dealt him to Dallas, where came off the bench to make small contributions for the eventual champions. Now he returns to North Carolina, his home. He lives in Charlotte in the offseason, went to UNC-CH and is originally from Greensboro.

But of course, this is the Bobcats. And this is the era of the internet. So this means it's the worst signing since the last time the Bobcats signed someone! Contract the team! Start a petition to force the Heat to trade LeBron to Charlotte!

Or we could look at this seriously and see that roughly $2 million per year for a veteran center to play somewhere between 15-20 minutes per game and contribute defensively and without taking too many shots in the paint inefficiently is pretty good. He doesn't foul a lot, his rebounding has pretty decent and he's had a FG% under 50% twice in his 11-year career. Granted, he'll be 33 for much of the season and will probably miss games as old bodies are wont to not be in pristine condition. It happens.

But for $2 million, I think it's a fine deal. And Rod Higgins said he thinks Haywood can play the mentor role for Biyombo. As long as that has nothing to do with free throw shooting, I think that's not bad!