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Bonnell: Antawn Jamison chooses Lakers over Bobcats // UPDATE: news to Kupchak

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I am shocked. If only you could see my face you could see how shocked I am. Which is very shocked. Like, the most shocked a person has ever been. The shock on my face? So much shock in it. I mean, what are the Bobcats to do now, without their final piece of the puzzle that was to be Antawn Jamison? And how could anyone choose to go to that rundown small town Los Angeles that has two surefire Hall of Famers in their backcourt and two All Stars in the front court over the Charlotte Bobcats coming off the worst season in NBA history?

Shocking, I tell you. Shocking.

All this comes after the Observer's Rick Bonnell said per one of his sources that Jamison will pick the Lakers. Hardly a death knell, who even knows if this is a bad thing anyway. Jamison's a good veteran presence, can rebound and shoot decently, but he doesn't defend well or score efficiently.

For all the talk about Humphries staying with Brooklyn, he still hasn't signed so that could still have a shot. There's also lots of other people who haven't signed! Go Juwan Howard!

UPDATE: Or maybe not so fast, sports fans! [Lee Corso voice]

So, whatever. Ha.