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Bobcats stretch winning Summer League streak to three, beat Timberwolves 81-78

My internet was the poops a bunch tonight, but I was granted enough streaming Summer League basketball to see the Bobcats' squad pull out a three-point win over Minnesota.

Led by Sir Byron Mullens' hot hand and 33 points, Charlotte held off Wes Johnson, who had 18 second-half points. Mullens shot well, finished at the hoop and got some second chance points off offensive rebounds. The competition is significantly weaker but I think we can see Mullens is at least putting more effort into being a more complete player as spurred on by Mike Dunlap's coaching and defensive system. He wasn't always rebounding well or the best defender on the floor tonight, but really solid performance.

Kemba Walker played decently, scoring mediocrely and drawing fouls pretty well and dropping some nice dimes. In other notables, Othello Hunter showed some strong rebounding and physical determination that helped clinch the game for the Bobcats.

Also, I am far less excited for summer league games without MKG. Sigh, get well soon.