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Bulls Assistant Rick Brunson to Join Bobcats Staff

We have our first coaching hire of the Mike Dunlap era, as Rick Brunson, former Chicago Bulls assistant joins the Bobcats coaching staff.

Brunson doesn't have a wealth of experience after joining the Bulls in just 2010, but he does have a great deal of familiarity with Coach Dunlap. Dating back to 1995 as a player he was a member of Dunlap's Adelaide 36ers team in Australia, before returning the to US to forge an NBA career. A journeyman, Brunson played for 11 organizations from 1997 until 2006, before leaving to join coaching ranks.

His path crossed with Dunlap's again in 2007 in Denver, where he was a player development assistant, while Dunlap was an assistant coach. Brunson then went to the University of Virginia where he was the director of basketball operations, before finally returning to the NBA in 2010 where he joined the Chicago Bulls.

There's little doubt this was a hiring focused on developing the youth, as Rick Brunson has a strong background of player development, and his history as a former player will help to this end.