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Bobcats drop final summer league game to Memphis, 97-79

Well, I guess when you're missing both draft picks, have gone through a couple weeks of games and practices, many of which were two-a-days, what can you say?

Josh Selby once again took the court by storm, dropping bomb dot coms, finishing with 32 points on 14 shots.

I estimated the number of Bobcats players that played well at about zero, give or take zero. Kemba had zero assists, and I'm already tired of talking about this game ugh. Biyombo had a scary fall after a Grizzlies player slammed into the side of his knee while they chased a loose ball. He was able to walk, but it was scary.

In other news, Mike Dunlap didn't coach tonight as he was being inducted into the Rocky Mountain Conference Hall of Fame.

So alas, no undefeated record. But if nothing else, we've seen that at least these guys have more than bought into Dunlap's pressuring defensive system, a beautiful transition from last year. With four possible starters on the summer league team, that's solid. Whether it translates into the regular season remains to be seen, but I think we've seen some fairly important changes in this team.