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2012-13 NBA schedules released, here's what the Bobcats face

You'll never believe this, but the Bobcats are facing 82 games this season, including 41 on the road. OUTRAGEOUS. GET ME DAVID STERN ON THE TELEPHONE NOW.

Anyway, before I get to the rest of the blah blah blah, here's where you can see the Bobcats' full schedule.

Charlotte will make their season debut at home against the Pacers on November 2.

They have two -- count 'em, two! -- nationally-televised games, the first being vs San Antonio on December 8, and the other being December 29 at home against New Orleans. Whee.

The good news is we're back to the 82 game schedule and away from those yucky back-to-back-to-backs. I counted 22 back-to-backs, which I can't remember if that's a good or bad number. Frankly, I don't think strength or perceived strength of schedule is that big a deal, especially for this team. This team has is not looking to shape up to be another squad like last year, but I don't think we should concern ourselves with scrutinizing April to see if our schedule is favorable to squeak into that 8th seed. You know, because LOL.

But as far as a tool to plan for big games, Miami comes to town on December 26 and April 5, the Thunder on March 8, Lakers on February 8, Clippers on December 12.

Oh, and the first Ben Gordon/Corey Maggette revenge game is January 6. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT.