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Free agency options for the Bobcats

Swag, I guess? I don't really know how to apply that word anymore.
Swag, I guess? I don't really know how to apply that word anymore.

Free agency's been in full tilt for what's felt like eons now and the Bobcats have made no concrete moves outside of signing their draft picks. But other teams have and as the pickings become slim, who's left at the positions at which they still have pressing needs?

Point Guard

The Bobcats currently have, um, just Kemba Walker under contract for this upcoming season at point guard. I guess Ben Gordon can count as one, too. As it currently stands, D.J. Augustin is a restricted free agent, having received a qualifying offer from the team. This means Charlotte has the rights of first refusal to match any offer another team makes for him. Whether they will is much more of a question mark depending on the offer. Regardless, they have clear needs for this backcourt with or without him: perimeter defense, maybe some perimeter shooting and passing skills. Basically they need a solid backup point guard or a player who can do a combination of those things at a reasonably high level to start over Walker and help him develop. The problem is there aren't many starting-quality level players left. But maybe they could look at Jerryd Bayless, Delonte West, Ramon Sessions, Jordan Farmar ... what am I saying? Oh boy, this crop is scary. I miss Sean Livingston and his affordability for what he'd give you.

Shooting Guard

Gerald Henderson. Ben Gordon. Matt Carroll. Free agency? THE FUTURE IS NOW, EVERYONE. All joking aside, the Bobcats really need perimeter scoring here. Marco Belinelli, Michael Redd, Anthony Parker, Randy Foye -- all realistic options here. And maybe I'll throw out here one unrealistic one that I'd love: Courtney Lee.

Small Forward

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist adds a ton in defensive value and a little offensively, mostly in transition. On the other hand, draft pick Jeffery Taylor helps a ton here with his range on offense, which MKG lacks. But it would be nice to get a veteran presence at this position, what with it being manned by the two rookies, Reggie Williams and possibly Derrick Brown if the Bobcats re-up with him. Possible fits include Mickael Pietrus, Brandon Rush, Carlos Delfino (ok, yeah some of these aren't realistic, sorry), Tracy McGrady, Eduardo Najera, Alonzo Gee, etc.

Power Forward

Antawn Jamison and J.J. Hickson are already known to be in contact with the Bobcats, and it would be nice to have either what with how the Bobcats' power forwards right now are Tyrus Thomas, Byron Mullens and possibly Bismack Biyombo, depending on where he's played under Mike Dunlap. Guys like Anthony Tolliver, Craig Smith, Anthony Randolph, Carl Landry, Reggie Evans could all be fine, with their experience and legs to get up the court and play hard.


Oof, uh, okay. So we've got Biyombo and we've got DeSagana Diop. And sometimes Byron Mullens likes to try his hand at it too, which usually doesn't go worse than Diop, which is cool. But they could use someone to help out so maybe they could be not incredibly terrible in the paint? There are some decent available players for the right price: I'm looking at Hamed Haddadi,Ian Mahinmi, Kyrylo Fesenko; all decent but not very good players. That's not meant to be a crack at them, it's just true. They aren't very good. But they can contribute on this team easily. And then there are the Ryan Hollinses, the Jason Collinses, the Tony Batties. These are the guys who are hole-pluggers. I'm not sure where Kwame Brown fits anymore, especially after his injury, but I have serious doubts he could reach what he did for Charlotte two years ago.

Anyway, make of this what you will. Most of these names are based on nothing, save for availability and how they might fit with the Bobcats.

Or maybe they won't sign anyone and the team will play Gana Diop 30 minutes a night!