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What is the Bobcats' best trade ever?

The Bobcats certainly have made more than enough trades to pick a best one of the litter, but the decision is a difficult one. Some, while clearly good at the time, have not panned out or had negative externalities like damaging contracts that steered the Bobcats into the NBA quicksand that is mediocrity. But I've picked a handful that I think had good outcomes and we'll vote on them at the end of the post, whaddaya say?

Bobcats Acquire No. 2 Draft Pick From Clippers

Originally landing the fourth overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft, the Bobcats started their existence with a bang, moving up two spots in a trade that relinquished their fourth pick and their 33rd pick and agreed to take Predrag Drobnjak in the expansion draft. As we know, the second pick turned into Okafor, a great pick that would be a huge part of the Bobcats' foundation for years. Drobnjak would soon be traded to Atlanta. Meanwhile, the Clippers took Shaun Livingston and Lionel Chalmers (yep, cousin of Mario).

Charlotte Trades Brandan Wright for Jason Richardson

In a somewhat blockbuster deal (at the time, I guess), the Bobcats dealt newly drafted Brandan Wright for Jason Richardson and Jermareo Davidson from Golden State. Richardson finally gave the Bobcats a great scoring talent at shooting guard, though his defense, let's say, left much to be desired. Yet, Brandan Wright ended up being quite underwhelming and injured often. It should be noted that Joakim Noah was still available at the 8th pick, however. And Richardson's contract was also a hefty one. Still, not a bad return on a trade, I would say.

Theo Ratliff for Conditional Second Round Pick


Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston, Tobias Harris for Corey Maggette, Bismack Biyombo

This three-team deal is kind of hilarious, which is why I like it the most. Charlotte essentially swapped aging overpriced swingmen without adding on too much salary and got the seventh overall draft pick in Biyombo. The loss of Livingston sucked, but collateral damage in the form of a backup point guard isn't worth crying over. Granted, it will still be a while to see if Biyombo becomes the player the Bobcats drafted him to be, I don't think it's a stretch that it was a good trade from them. Meanwhile, the Bucks got Stephen Jackson, who was doomed from the get-go being paired with Scott Skiles. They also got Livingston and Beno Udrih from Sacramento, as well as Harris. Not bad, but the main thing here is they lost John Salmons and his contract. Then there's the Kings. I can think of no reason why they did this. They added salary for a bad player in Salmons and traded up simultaneously. For Jimmer Fredette. Neil Degrasse-Tyson, what is your take on the Kings' part of the trade?

Was there a particular Bobcats trade you liked that I left out? Please comment, yo!