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What an amazing story.

After a long and arduous journey for players, a wonderful city with tough undying fans, the Charlotte Bobcats have won the 2031 NBA title.

On the back of Watkins' Finals MVP performance, the Bobcats took the league by storm. Michael Jordan, now greyer in his mustache than ever, said "I have never been more proud of a team or a young player than this moment right now."

Only in his second season after being drafted in 2029, the young gun willed Charlotte to the highest level. It was a satisfying end and one ripe with a pure sense of vindication for the city who stuck with Watkins through ups and downs even after the 2029-30 rookie of the year Meng Ling seemed to have a brighter future and louder supporters.

Nevertheless, it would be Ling riding his home stationary bike as he watched his rival hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy on television. The two have had a contentious tie to each other going back to their respective origins of love for the game. Enraptured by Carmelo Anthony's 2012 Olympic performance, the two began to build themselves into basketball machines from separate continents, Watkins in the US, Ling in China. When it was time for college, Ling chose UNC and Watkins went to Georgetown, a rivalry famously known for Michael Jordan's gamewinner against GT in the 1982 NCAA Championship. But this one fell the other way, as we all saw. Watkins elevated and sank it, crushing Ling and the Tar Heel's title hopes.

Both extremely talented and highly-touted wings, Ling would get the edge and become drafted first overall in 2029 by the Dallas Mavericks. But Watkins got his ring first. And wouldn't you know it, they'd find each other once again in the 2032 Olympics in Cairo, battling for an alley-oop that would decide the game.