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Who's the New Guy?

Yes, this is an Ammo jersey. Yes, I've played pickup ball in it. And no, I've never played well in it, but neither did Morrison.
Yes, this is an Ammo jersey. Yes, I've played pickup ball in it. And no, I've never played well in it, but neither did Morrison.

Hello, readers.

My name is Derek, but you probably already knew that. Except you're probably wondering who the heck Derek James is. And since you were undoubtedly consumed by your curiosity, you clicked on my profile, admired my profile pic (Thank you!), and then wondered why a lifelong Minnesotan would be interested in writing for a Bobcats blog.

So I thought I'd answer a few of your most pressing questions.

What is it you do, exactly?

I'm just like you: someone who loves basketball. I've played it, watched it coached it, and written about it for awhile now. I also tweet...a lot. You may or may not be following me, but Ben does, so you should too (@DerekJamesNBA). If you can forgive the occasional Breaking Bad or Katy Perry sequence of tweets, you should feel right at home with me on your timeline.

I also like sarcasm, dumb jokes, and live-tweeting my Basketball-Reference browsing sessions.

As you could probably guess, I'm not afraid to watch bad basketball. I've sat in the midst of 5,000 person crowds at Target Center for Timberwolves game. Unsurprisingly, one of those games was a Bobcats game. I'd even do it if I were in Charlotte since I need my basketball fix regularly.

Ok, so then why are you here?

It's simple: I love basketball and writing. Also, I enjoyed the site as a reader and jumped at the chance to join when Ben asked if I wanted to contribute. Like with any other site I write for, I try to be entertaining and write the kind of stuff I'd like to read. Then there are times that I try too hard to be funny and people end up spraining fingers trying to close the tab as fast as possible.

Aside from all of that, I feel like I can relate to Bobcats fans being a Timberwolves fan and accustomed to unhealthy doses of losing. Really, if your team has aged you in dog years then I can relate.

Let me just tell you one key piece of advice that I've picked up along the way: learn to laugh. How else do you think I survived 20 point collapses, half a decade of high lottery picks, and Anthony Randolph? I learned to laugh at it, that's how. And that's how we'll endure as a community.

You'll see, Bobcats Nation; we'll just "get" each other.

Timberwolves fan? Do you even know where Charlotte is?

Hey now, I own an Adam Morrison jersey! I'm actually very intrigued by this team and what they've done. Honestly, I also think the ‘Cats are headed in the right direction. I love what I've heard of Mike Dunlap, their draft, and the potentially NBA-level bench they've assembled. Are they winning at least 10 games? I say yes, easy. Playoffs? Not so much.

The more I thought of it, I realized I was actually pretty familiar with the team. Whether it was the roster, management, or futility, I feel like I know what's going on. Of course I'm still going to need to keep interacting with people like you so I get better and better.

With that being said, if a team or player sucks, I'm going to say so. I figure I'll leave it up to teams and PR people to paint happy pictures of rainbow, gum drops, and pixies. Oh, and I don't say "we", but don't get on others for it. Similarly, I appreciate good things, often. That's why I will openly admit to enjoying watching Kobe, the Heat, and to redeem myself, Kevin Durant.

And in the name of full-disclosure, I've been a Duke fan for 15 of my 23 years of life. Which means that 4/5ths of you hate me already, but I know it's North Carolina is a state that loves its hoops.

Who knows, one day I may grown to accept the ‘Cats as my team away from home.

Alright, you're cool...I guess.

I'm glad I won you over. I don't usually spend 700 words talking to myself, but I thought the occasion warranted it this time. I'm looking forward to interacting with commenters more than I have in the past, for better and worse. In closing, I'll just say that I'm looking forward to talking basketball with you guys this season!