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Charlotte Bobcats Word Association: Welp

This past week the SB Nation basketball bloggers gathered around and played a word association game for each NBA team. (except for me because, I, uh, forgot)

The following words were conjured by our fellow bloggers about the Bobcats:

Pathetic LOL Uninspiring Sad
Terrible Lol Ugh Sad
Terrible LOLcats Ugh Sad
Terrible Toddlerific Hopeless Sad
Pathetic BET Doomed Unloved
what #prayforcardboardgerald Pointless what
Sell Cardboard Gerald Kings Fans Savior Quagmire

Well, that's ... cheery.

As neat as it is for my ego to see my alter ego make a list of things that first come to mind about the team, I would have liked to see maybe one or two not so negative words?

Like, [/scratches head] "Future"? Or maybe something even ambiguously decent like "Wild"? Oof, this is not a fun task.

Obviously a bunch of these are off-base. BET now has very little to do with the Bobcats since Bob Johnson peaced out. They're hardly unloved. Toddlerific is just, well, dumb. I wouldn't say the team is hopeless or doomed or pointless. Hope is scarce but it exists, as with all awful teams who look to the future. Who knows.

But I will concede that the Bobcats are sad and they are terrible and they most definitely are LOL and what.

If you had to use only one word, how would you describe the team? I think mine would be "Welp."