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SB Nation United: What is it and what does it look like?!?

Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So we've been teasing this SB Nation United thing for a little while now, and given how it'll be here soon, I'd like to give y'all a little idea of what changes are in store.

Change can be scary and the change SB Nation is about to undergo is monumental. But trust me, it's for the better. Pages will load faster and better to give everyone a smoother experience. The design will be quite different: more streamlined, cleaner, more palatable to the eye. It will also be more conducive and seamless, whether on full web, tablet or mobile - it will be very similar formats. The community will be unchanged, with still the same ability and better visibility of FanPosts and FanShots. Obviously there will be hiccups, as there are any time change happens with anything, so I ask you to be patient as our sites transform to these fancy new layouts. As always, if you have any problems at all, the fine folks at are there to help.

Hit the jump for some screenshots of the new layouts.

United will feature much improved and customizable magazine-style layouts. [click any picture to embiggen!]





You can check out all the FanShots on a much-improved page with the choice to organize them by type.


Storystreams are a new format for breaking news that allows for streamless updates. Say MKG rolls his ankle in practice. Oh no! Normally that would mean I'd write a story and then another one to update it or I'd add an update to the original article, but it could get lost in the shuffle. Now with storystreams, new updates can be added to the original post in reverse chronological format. Neat, right?


And here are the layouts for the full site, tablet and mobile, respectively.