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Bobcats training camp invitees likely include Adrien, Summers, Summer Leaguers

With just a couple weeks to go before the Bobcats kick off their training camp at UNC-Asheville, Rick Bonnell reports the team will probably bring in a couple unsigned players to join the rest of the team. A couple were on the Summer League Las Vegas squad (Paris Horne and Josh Owens) and the other two are Jeff Adrien and DaJuan Summers. Here's what we know about them:

Paris Horne: Per Draft Express, he may be some kind of weightless being of a 6'3" guard. He also played four years at St. John's, with much inconsistency and mediocre shooting and subpar passing. Then he went to play in Germany, where he struggled a bit, shooting 36.7% from the field and continued to be rather middling, to put it nicely. In Summer League, he didn't really do anything notable. OK, moving onward!

Josh Owens: This 6'9" forward feller had a better Summer League showing, hitting 83% of his shots, missing only two of 12 in the four games he played in. He's an athletic forward out of Stanford, where he was a pretty efficient scorer.

Jeff Adrien: Adrien's a bit of a bigger name, a 6'7" forward who once helped lead his Connecticut Huskies reach the national championship before falling to Michigan State. Since then he's been in limbo between the NBA, the D-League and playing in Europe. In the NBA, he averaged 42.9% FG, 58.1% FT, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.5 points per game. His per 36 minutes are better, but you know, small sample size and all. His time in the D-League sports better stats with 18.3 ppg, 11.4 rpg pm 54.6% FG and 72.2% FT, but you know, D-League. He fared much better in European stints, which you can see in the stats here.

DaJuan Summers: Summers, a 6'8" forward, played at Georgetown, which may be why his name rings a bell. He was solid there, scoring about 14 ppg in his final season before going pro. He played only scarcely in Europe, so let's look at his NBA stats instead, where he's played 81 games in the past three seasons. Oof. Never mind. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.