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Bobcats odds and ends update includes new slogan



That's the Bobcats' new slogan for the season's advertising campaign, clearly a nod at the transition to Mike Dunlap's demanding coaching style and to the team's (hopefully) faster-paced tempo and (again, hopefully) more physical play. I'm not sure why it's all one word, but I assume it's something about combining those three into one cohesive unit which is a neat theme.

I have gotten no word yet if Daft Punk will be joining the team's training camp, however.

Other slogan ideas (from me):





The Bobcats are also hosting an open house to unveil their new court that will feature a new design and updated colors. They'd prefer you to RSVP here, which makes things easier for them when it comes to how much stuff to order, but won't turn you down if you just show up. And you get a free preseason ticket to the 1 p.m. game against Washington!

Fox Sports SportSouth (which I've come to learn over the past few years is much different from Fox Sports South) has announced they will broadcast to 50 percent more households this season than the previous year, continuing to improve upon the lousy viewership and visibility throughout the market.