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Charlotte Bobcats at Boston Celtics game preview


Gametime: 7:30 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

Lower Dens - "Brains" (via ribbonmusic)

Game Overview:

In this first year post-Ray Allen, things have been rather inconsistent for the Boston Celtics. That's the best way to put it, really. Rondo's been suspended a few times and the team's just been up and down all year. They're definitely trying to trend younger, showed vested interest in Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and Jared Sullinger. Whether it's working, I'm not sure.

Paul Pierce is still a very good all-around player, scoring well as a shooter, in the post, and able to get a handful of assists every night. He's also still very talented at drawing fouls, something the Bobcats' young wings should be careful with. Rajon Rondo is quietly improving even further, but now especially on his shooting. Rondo's passing and playmaking ability has always been on point in recent years, with his detractors pointing to his jumper as the major flaw in his game. But his FG% on jump shots has risen markedly, from 35.8% last year to 40.4% this season. And whereas last season he shot 41.3% on midrange jumpers from 16 feet out to the three point line, this season is at 50.5%. Do not pay much attention to old narratives, my friends.

Oh, and don't discount Kevin Garnett, who is still playing very well at the ripe age of 36.

Outside of those two, I'm also really worried about Jared Sullinger, who has shown to be a very talented rebounder. The Bobcats tend to be a very poor defensive rebounding team, and giving up extra shots to their opponent is something they can't really afford to do much.