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Charlotte Bobcats vs Indiana Pacers game preview


Gametime: 7 p.m. EST

Pacers Blog: Indy Cornrows

Today's Tunes:

Purity Ring - Amenamy (via theragingbull14)

Game Overview:

The Bobcats are on the tail end of a back-to-back and the Pacers are rested and have Paul George back? What could go wrong?

Saturday's game against the Pacers went somewhat well. The Bobcats started off well with an early lead and gave the Pacers a good game. But as is their nature, the Bobcats gave up a lot of offensive boards and threes, leading to an excellent game from David West.

The Bobcats must do better to close off offensive rebounding opportunities. The simple fact is that giving the opposing team more shots than you will likely doom you, especially when your team has a mediocre offense and is facing arguably the top defense in the league.

Lance Stephenson is questionable with a sore right foot. He had a strong game against Charlotte the last time around, and adds some good scoring potential to the Pacers.