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Gerald Henderson leaves Magic game after tweaking back

After another impressive game, Henderson left the Bobcats-Magic game early with a bulging disk in his back.

Streeter Lecka

Alas, during Henderson's encouraging performance against the Orlando Magic he recused himself from the final quarter of play, fearing further injury to his back. Thankfully, the Bobcats held on to the lead he helped build with his impressive performance, but questions remain.

Henderson has had a resurgence of sorts since returning from his last injury, almost miraculously turning a terribly bad three point-shooting percentage into an encouraging one in just an offseason. Sure, his three shooting had gotten better between his freshman and sophomore year in the NBA, but it's hard to compare that to the jump he's made between last year and this one in that regard.

This jump in his range efficiency has been good to see, in spite of slightly declining percentages elsewhere on the court for Henderson. But this still leaves us with questions.

Clearly, it raises concerns of when he can return again? This season brings his most complete game in his short NBA history and the Bobcats really could use that from him.

But I wonder if this raises a question regarding his durability. We've seen Henderson suffer a plethora of injuries in his four-year career with the Bobcats. Are these just simple fluke nagging things or are they legit concerns about Henderson going forward?

As it stands now, it looks like Henderson could simply be questionable for Saturday's game against the Sacramento Kings. Perhaps this injury lasts little more than a game and moves well into the rearview mirror. Who knows.

For reference, Henderson has played 79 percent of Bobcats games (throwing out his rookie season for Larry Brown reason). Meanwhile, Stephen Curry has played 73.5% of Warriors games during that time.

What do you think?