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Charlotte Bobcats reportedly "aggressively" pursuing Rudy Gay. Uh, why?

If rumors are to believed, the Bobcats are interested in Rudy Gay, which is weird because it doesn't make much sense for either team, really.


Pardon the deja vu, but we've heard this one before.

The only thing is this doesn't make nearly as much sense as the previous Rudy Gay-to-Charlotte rumors, which came last summer before the draft. And it didn't make much sense then, either. During the summer, there were concerns about who the Bobcats could take No. 2 and Rudy Gay would take a lot of the guesswork out of drafting from a pool of people not named Anthony Davis.

Regardless, the rumors amounted to nothing and Charlotte drafted Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, which is what makes the timing of this now so odd.

If the rumors are true and the Bobcats are trying to get Rudy Gay in a two-team trade, one of two things would likely happen: the Bobcats deal Kidd-Gilchrist to Memphis or the Bobcats have to bench MKG to start Gay.

These things make no sense to me. To trade for Gay would handicap the team's roster flexibility (Gay is due about $54 million over the next three seasons). Then to either trade your promising young wing or stick him on the bench? I don't get it.

Rudy Gay's had a rough season, posting his worst scoring efficiencies of his career. Perhaps it's an outlier. Perhaps it's not. I'm not sure risking such a hefty salary and dumping one of your best young players or impeding his growth is worth it. The move could make the Bobcats better now; in fact, it very likely would. But in the grand scheme of things, this would be a move akin to buying high and selling low. Would the Bobcats be willing to give up Ramon Sessions, Kidd-Gilchrist and DeSagana Diop for Rudy Gay? Maybe, but that seems a bit short-sighted to give up cap space, your top draft pick from the previous year and a pretty good 6th man for Rudy Gay and his contract. It makes little sense to me.

Plus, I'm not sure why the Grizzlies would want this, besides Kidd-Gilchrist. Their window for elite playoff contention is quickly closing. They have a luxury tax problem already and Zach Randolph ain't no spring chicken. A trade with the Bobcats is not going to return pieces that will help them fix their problems and get them back into contention for top team in the Western Conference. If they're trying to shed salary and get back some talent that can contribute now, looking to the Bobcats leaves Memphis with some pretty limited options..

More likely, I'm with Rick Bonnell with this.