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Charlotte Bobcats vs Houston Rockets game preview

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Gametime: 2 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (via subpoprecords)

Game Overview:

Hold on to your caboose, this is going to be a footrace. The Rockets are young and have the fastest pace in the league. Today's game is a matchup of the No. 2 and 3 teams in fast break points, so get ready.

The Rockets perhaps underwent the largest team makeover this past offseason, trading Kyle Lowry to Toronto, signing Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. And then came the coup de grâce, trading Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and draft picks for James Harden and some other dudes.

With this host of young talent, Houston seems to be primed for the future. A legitimate star scorer in Harden. A nice talent in Lin. A defensive stud of a big man in Asik. And they've got Chandler Parson complementing them all, doing a bit of everything from the wing.

This game intrigues me very much. On paper, the Bobcats have some interesting matchups: Walker on Lin, Henderson on Harden, Kidd-Gilchrist on Parsons, Biyombo on Asik.

Though I worry about Houston's great offense, they have the worst turnover percentage, coughing up the ball on 15 percent of their possessions. But the Bobcats give up the second-worst eFG% and Houston has the best eFG% in the league. Can the Bobcats get Houston out of their rhythm with turnovers? Houston also loves to bomb from behind the arc. The Bobcats will have to stay strong on their rotations so as to not let the Rockets get open looks.