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Links On Fire: Rumors In The Air


Bobcats Links

Jeff Adrien Turning Into Good Pickup By The Charlotte Bobcats
$653,356 was a pretty awesome price for this guy.

TrueHoop TV on ROY (and we react) " Queen City Hoops
Queen City Hoops looks into why Michael Kidd-Gilchrist isn't even in the ROY conversation.

Giving away threes, courtesy of the Bobcats " Queen City Hoops
The Bobcats gave up a lot of threes against the Pacers, and it continues to happen. What's going on?

Nothin' but Net: The "No Chance" All-Stars |
Kemba Walker is good, but unfortunately doesn't have a shot at being an all-star.

NBA Rumors: Charlotte Bobcats a Perfect Fit for Rudy Gay
Bleacher Report says that Rudy Gay's a perfect fit in Charlotte. Other people say other things.

Ramon Sessions has a special knack for drawing, exploiting shooting fouls |
"The Charlotte Bobcats' backup point guard has a remarkable knack for getting himself fouled. It's a talent shared by All-Stars like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony."

Ramon Sessions, getting himself compared to Kobe.

Charlotte Bobcats are open to making a deal |
The Bobcats will be open to a lot of moves, as Michael Jordan apparently wants Rod Higgins to be very active.

Around the NBA

How the Pepsi Center saved NBA basketball in Denver - Denver Stiffs

With the misery and anxiety experienced by both Sacramento and Seattle playing out in public, it's time to look at the Nuggets' own history to see how their fate could have once been ours.

Don’t Panic. Or Maybe Do. But Probably Don’t. Right? - Straight Outta Vancouver
Talking myself back from the ledge, given the Grizzlies' last three games. What's eating the Memphis Grizzlies right now?

The InBounds: San Antonio and the irreplacable model -
The San Antonio Spurs' model can't be copied. Here's why.

The New Normal: LeBron James in 2013 | Hardwood Paroxysm