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Charlotte Bobcats vs Atlanta Hawks game preview


Gametime: 7 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

Strawberries - Why? w/ Lyrics (via Logan Graham)

Game Overview:

I think I had a dream a couple nights ago about this game. The Bobcats won easily.

It seems crazy in hindsight, but ... but what if it happened? Ha.

Well, it certainly would reverse recently history, that's for sure. The Bobcats have lost seven straight games to their division rival. The average point differential is over 15 points per game. And the team hasn't won a home game since November 21 against the Raptors. That's a 15-game losing streak.

Well, no time to end a streak like the present!

If nothing else, the Bobcats are less banged up than the Hawks, who could miss four players. Lou Williams is out for the season with a torn ACL, DeShawn Stevenson and Devin Harris both missed Monday's game, and Anthony Morrow is out indefinitely

With this sudden absence of a backcourt, the Hawks quickly brought John Jenkins into their starting lineup. Regardless of the injury problems, Atlanta beat Minnesota Monday. Jannero Pargo had a strong scoring game off the bench to help the Hawks. Still the Bobcats should have the advantage in backcourt depth tonight.

Atlanta both forces turnovers a lot and gives them up at almost an identical rate. They also aren't a very good offensive rebounding team. If the Bobcats can hold onto the rock and keep Atlanta off the offensive glass while keeping Atlanta sloppy, Charlotte could have a good chance at this. The Hawks score efficiently and can shoot from deep, but if the Bobcats can force them into mistakes and get more possessions, it might tip the scale.