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Charlotte Bobcats vs Atlanta Hawks injury update

The injury bug has bitten more Hawks, and an update on Byron Mullens

Jonathan Daniel

For the Hawks, we've got a couple scratches I didn't anticipate when I wrote the preview last night.

Super-cool center Al Horford will be out due to a sore left hamstring and calf muscle. Backup center Zaza Pachulia will also miss tonight's game with a sore Achilles tendon, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Charlotte native Anthony Morrow will not make the trip.

But they will get DeShawn Stevenson back after some knee trouble and Devin Harris will return after nursing a sore ankle.

For the Bobcats, it's same old, same old with one minor change. Yes, Byron Mullens is still a "long way away" from returning, as Mike Dunlap said recently. However, he has been getting back to the court to at least get shots up.