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Links On Fire: Return Of the Charlotte Hornets?


Bobcats Links

Bobcats commission polls on potentially changing the name back to the "Hornets" | Charlotte Observer
Bobcats are so interested in changing their name to the "Hornets" that they're polling season ticket owners about the potential name change.

2013 NBA All Star Game: Making the Case For Kemba Walker
Fansided blogger Bryan Wendland makes a noble case as to why Kemba Walker should be in the All-Star game.

Jeff Adrien: Solid as a Rock- Hardwood Paroxysm
Writer Brian "Cosmis" Schroeder writes an excellent profile on the career of forward Jeff Adrien.

Forbes: Charlotte Bobcats increase in value but drop to 29th in NBA - Charlotte Business Journal
The Bobcats are reportedly worth $315 million compared to $277 million in 2012 where they were 26th in the NBA.

Michael Jordan and Justin Bieber are totally besties now - Ball Don't Lie
Justin Bieber took a picture with owner Michael Jordan and it's apparently news or something.

NBA Links

NBA D-League: Top 30 Prospects List
The experts on the NBA D-League site updated their top 30 prospects list. This list could help you find out who could be the next Jeff Adrien or the player that can fill that open roster spot.

Midseason Report: Picking West All-Star reserves not an easy task - CBS Sports
Ken Berger of CBS Sports picks his All-Star game reserves for both the West and the East.

Working Bodies: Tales of NBA concussion
NBA players remember -- or in some cases, don't remember -- suffering concussions

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe debate the Lakers' woes - Grantland
Simmons and Lowe try to debate about why the Lakers are so damn bad.