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Bobcats week in review and preview of what's next

Every week we have some awesome moments. We have huge career games, blowout losses, intense last second victories, and many more in the course of a week. This post will highlight some key moments from the past week and give a quick preview of what you should be on the lookout for the upcoming week.

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Beginning today, we're starting a new weekly feature focusing on reviewing what happened last week and looking ahead to what's coming this week.

Last Week's games

Jan 21: Charlotte vs Houston, L, 100-94
Jan 23: Charlotte vs Atlanta, L, 104-92
Jan 26: Charlotte vs Minnesota, W, 102-101

Bobcat of the Week: Kemba Walker
Walker started off his week scoring a career high 35 points against the Rockets last Sunday and then scored 25 against the Timberwolves Saturday night a long with getting a huge block at the end of the game to help seal the victory. Honorable mention to Ramon Sessions who was the most consistent Bobcat of the week while Kemba suffered a less than stellar game against the Hawks Wednesday.

Highlight of the Week: Gerald Henderson's 3 pointer to beat Minnesota

After Kemba Walker dropped 35 on the Rockets I was so sure that his new career high was going to be the highlight of the week that I had already written out what I was going to say in my head. That was until I saw Gerald Henderson's game winning 3 pointer against the Timberwolves. Ricky Rubio had just put the Wolves up 2 points with a layup and it was up to the Bobcats to either tie the game or go up 1 with a 3 pointer. This possession may have been the most Bobcats possession ever. The Cats almost turned the ball over TWICE and then had to get a quick shot off with the shot clock winding down. However, Gerald Henderson, unphased by the pressure, pump faked to get himself a better shot and put up a 3 pointer with barely any time left on the shot clock to put the Cats up 1! This shot would end up being the game winning shot.

If you want to see the final shot in the most hilarious way possible then click on this link. (warning if your speakers are turned up really loud, then turn them down)

The Week Ahead: Road Trip Time!

Jan 28: @Chicago
Jan 30: @San Antonio
Feb 2: @Houston Rockets (Most winnable game)

Rough patch games for the Bobcats this week. Chicago may be missing Derrick Rose but their defense is hounding everybody. Unless they're effort gives a repeat performance of the last time these two teams met, it will be a major problem for the young Bobcats offense. San Antonio ... well, they're San Antonio and we all know how good they are. The Rockets game is the most winnable one. We saw how close the Bobcats came to beating them the first time.

Game of the Week
The game everybody wants to look out for is the game in Houston against the Rockets. After getting so close against the Rockets the previous week, the Bobcats should be going into this one fairly confident they can pull out a win on the road.