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Jeff Adrien to move into Bobcats starting lineup against Bulls

The Bobcats will have a new starter at power forward tonight.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Jeff Adrien will start at power forward tonight against the Bulls, replacing Hakim Warrick, per Charlotte Bobcats PR.

Warrick has been rather ineffective lately (well, most times, really). His shooting on season has fallen below 40 percent, his rebounding percentages are worse than Tyrus Thomas's and he's a very poor defender.

Adrien is no Blake Griffin, but he's been a good signing so far. His rebounding percentages are some of the best on the team and he scores more efficiently than Warrick or Thomas. He also defends better than Warrick, blocks more shots and doesn't use nearly as many possessions. Adrien's presence has given the Bobcats a boost and he no doubt deserves this nod. Here's hoping his positive impact off the bench continues into starter's minutes too.