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Charlotte Bobcats fall to Chicago Bulls 93-85 quick-cap

Good job, good effort but the Bobcats couldn't finish the concerted comeback effort

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Bobcats couldn't complete a hurried late comeback attempt, falling the Chicago Bulls 93 to 85.

Initial strong play from Charlotte lapsed due to a lack of production from their bench. Suffocating Chicago defense also limited the effectiveness of the Bobcats backcourt. Their on-ball defense was pretty much impeccable for much of the night and their big man combo of Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer was dynamic. Yet Charlotte still made up a 14-point deficit, tying the game at 55 in the third quarter.

Immediately the Bobcats fell back to a double-digit hole. They tried their best to make up ground with threes from Kemba Walker and Ben Gordon. Despite it, the Bulls' seasoned play from pretty much everyone proved too much. Jimmy Butler especially looked like a veteran, shooting well and finishing at the hoop very well.

The late effort couldn't make up ground with their offense or defense and Charlotte resorted to intentional fouls to extend the game to no avail. It was a decent effort but ultimately the lack of experience and, more importantly, talent proved too much to handle.