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Does the Rudy Gay trade have implications for the Charlotte Bobcats?

Despite not getting in on this deal, the addition of Jose Calderon to the Detroit Pistons may impact the Bobcats on draft night. And with reports of Toronto's intent to waive Hamed Haddadi, could he be a possible pick-up?


The Memphis Grizzlies have finally found a new home for Rudy Gay and, to the chagrin of many Bobcats fans, it's not in Charlotte.

The Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors finalized a deal to send Rudy Gay to Toronto and Jose Calderon to Detroit, while Ed Davis, Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye packed their bags for Memphis.

Despite not getting in on this deal, it may have a lasting impact on the Bobcats' future. Last summer, the Bobcats traded Corey Maggette to the Pistons for Ben Gordon and a protected future first-round pick.

The conditions of that pick are:
2013 - protected, top-14
2014 - protected, top-8
2015 - protected only if the Pistons win the lottery
2016 - unprotected

Fans have begun to speculate whether or not the addition of Jose Calderon, who has established himself as one of the premier passers in the NBA, could push the Detroit Pistons into playoff contention, giving the Bobcats another pick in this years draft.

The Pistons, currently sitting at the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference with a 17-29 record, made away like bandits in this deal despite the recent ineptitude of their front office. Not only does the addition of Jose Calderon add one of the best passers in the league to the Pistons' arsenal, it also cements the not-so-stable Will Bynum's place on the bench. Detroit hasn't exactly had a successful season, but it hasn't been without bright spots.

Andre Drummond, who eats rebounds everywhere and makes rims tremble in fear, has finally given the Palace something worthwhile to cheer for. His spectacular play of late has driven the team's watchability rating from unbearable to almost tolerable. Some optimistic fans are hopeful that Jose Calderon's playmaking skills could turn the flame that is a developing Andre Drummond into a forest fire.

However, while the addition of Calderon could potentially help the Pistons immensely, they would need to go 21-14 for the remainder of the season in order to finish at 38-43, a record that just might be enough to get them swept by the Miami Heat in the first round. To put that into perspective, that's a 60% winning percentage - just a shade under the Denver Nugget's 61.7%.

That isn't exactly an unattainable feat, but let's be real: The chances of the Pistons reinventing themselves on the account of Jose Calderon are almost slim to none.

The Detroit Pistons aren't the only team that fans should be watching in the standings, either. The Portland Trailblazers owe the Bobcats a first-round draft pick that is top-12 protected from 2013 to 2015. They're currently sitting at ninth in their conference. If the Blazers don't make a playoff push within the next month, chances are they'll start pushing the other way for a high lottery pick.

Given the circumstances, Charlotte will probably end up with three draft picks heading into the 2014 draft. The highly-touted Andrew Wiggins will likely be entering the league that year, so the Bobcats have positioned themselves well.

We don't know what situation the Bobcats will be in come May 2014, so it's difficult to ascertain the team's distant future. However, with two likely top-five picks joining the roster, it would probably be a good idea to trade the two later picks for an experienced veteran that can show their young guys the ropes.

On another note, the Toronto Raptors also acquired Hamed Haddadi, but they're likely to waive him soon, according to CBS reporter Ken Berger. While some writers (coughBencough) are hoping the Bobcats' front office picks him up, he isn't likely to contribute anything to the team. Even with Byron Mullens sidelined, the Bobcats are better off saving that 15th roster spot for a guard, in case of injury.

Now that the dust has settled and Rudy Gay has packed his bags for the great white North, it's apparent that the chances of this trade affecting the Bobcats are relatively low. Charlotte couldn't manage to "win" the Rudy Gay sweepstakes, but their probable future assets indicate that the team is heading in the right direction.