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Charlotte Bobcats vs Cleveland Cavaliers game preview


Gametime: 7 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

Tor / Sufjan Stevens - Night Zombies / Talkin My Shit (f. Brother Ali) (remix) (via torsmusic)

Game Overview:

MKG's back and the Cavs will be missing Anderson Varejao and Daniel "Boobie" Gibson with a bruised right knee and concussion recovery, respectfully.

Cleveland will definitely miss Varejao's impact on the boards, especially on offense. He's one of the best offensive rebounders in the league and has strong fundamentals in the paint and defends well. Tristan Thompson is a strong offensive rebounder in his own right, though he doesn't have the size advantage Varejao does.

The most dynamic player in this game should undoubtedly be Kyrie Irving, who has an incredible knack for scoring with one of the sickest handles in recent memory. He's also hitting nearly 40 percent of his threes and dropping a hair under 6 assists a night with a handful of rebounds.

Unfortunately for the Cavs, they don't have much else. Dion Waiters is inefficient on just about anything outside of spot-up shots. Per, the Cavs run Waiters in the pick and roll on 37.3 percent of his plays, scoring a miserable 0.64 PPP (points per play). He takes a bunch of bad shots, seemingly not bothered by how shooting off-balance makes him a much worse shooter.

C.J. Miles will also be a scorer to watch out for, capable of going off for 20+ points. He has a nice shooting touch from deep. Miles isn't so much a shot creator, but one who gets most of his looks off of screens or hand-offs or spot-up shots. Against Charlotte, this could be a recipe for a good game for Miles, as the Bobcats can struggle with their defensive rotations and missed assignments.

For Charlotte, the Cavs tend to allow their opponents get to the free throw line a lot. Ramon Sessions and Walker should be able to exploit this with their ability to break down perimeter defenses. Henderson has been getting to the free throw line better this year too, so with any luck, he'll get some rhythm going off of free throws, too.