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Halftime update: Bobcats down 14 to Cavs, 62-48

The mistake-prone Bobcats are hurting themselves early against the Cavs, leading to an early deficit

The Bobcats are trying to hang tight with a team that's giving more concentration and focus than they are, but are barely in it. The defense has been largely clueless, both inside and out. Tristan Thompson has been putting in work on the block and C.J. Miles has been an absolute revelation, dropping 11 points in the first six minutes and 15 total points in the first half, including three treys.

The Bobcats, meanwhile, have been sloppy with the ball, turning it over 10 times by halftime. The Cavs have gotten 13 points off of these mistakes, helping push the tempo and giving space for Kyrie Irving to work his magic as a scorer and passer. Thankfully, Gerald Henderson is shooting well so far, hitting all three of his three-pointers for 12 points on six total FGA. Ramon Sessions and Ben Gordon combined for 17 points, with Sessions getting four shots at the charity stripe and Gordon hitting some quick jumpers from range.