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Charlotte Bobcats vs Utah Jazz game preview

Can the Bobcats take advantage of their backcourt depth against Utah?


Today's Tunes:

Keep it moving by. A Tribe Called Quest (via Peaceove)

Game Overview:

The Jazz are an intriguing team. They're absolutely loaded with frontcourt talent: Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter. Because of this, they have the sixth-best offensive rebounding percentage in the NBA and the fifth-best FT/FGA (a measurement that shows how well the team gets to the free throw line).

Al Jefferson is a post move wizard and Millsap is kind of a jack of all trades, making for a strong frontcourt pairing. Favors' shooting has dipped despite a career high in OReb%.

The backcourt, meanwhile, is far less impressive. Gordon Hayward is the best guy here, able to score and pass. Other than that, it's a little drab. Mo Williams would help a bunch, but he's injured currently. With such lack of depth, then you have Jamaal Tinsely getting starts. Randy Foye's getting lots of minutes, despite not having shot 40% in a season since 2009-10. Alec Burks is hitting a sophomore slump. All around, it's a rather decrepit situation in Utah's backcourt.