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Bobcats demolish Cavaliers in second preseason win, 92-74

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

A few odds and ends here from the Bobcats' fourth exhibition game in which they steamrolled the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second half 52-32 en route to a 16-point victory.

  • After Cody Zeller bombed in the previous game (0 points, 0-for-5 shooting against the Bucks), Clifford switched up the starting lineup, opting for Josh McRoberts. Zeller played a couple more minutes tonight and scored better, though he's not exactly setting the nets aflame (3-for-6 for 7 points with 9 rebounds). Josh McRoberts had a nice statline that you can probably get used to: points in the low double-digits, a handful of rebounds and a smattering of assists and steals.
  • Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson played fine, with Walker scoring 14 points on 14 shots with five assists and Henderson dropping 13 points while getting to the charity stripe for nine free throws.
  • Ben Gordon led the team in turnovers with four in 18 minutes. Heh.
  • It certainly doesn't look like the Bobcats are going to take a flier on Patrick O'Bryant as insurance if Al Jefferson's ankle injury takes longer to heal than expected. O'Bryant still has yet to play in a preseason game. The Bobcats could be short on center depth in the regular season should Jefferson's ankle recovery prove problematic, compounded by Brendan Haywood's stress fracture.
  • The Bobcats shot 44.1 percent from the field; The Cavs shot 35.5 percent. The Bobcats had 21 more free throw attempts.
  • Anthony Bennett, one game removed from torching the Magic for 14 points in the fourth quarter, found himself stymied by the Bobcats. He hit back-to-back threes late in the first quarter but struggled massively with foul trouble, eventually fouling out. He missed every other shot he took and finished his night with back-to-back fouls (one on offense and one on defense for good measure).
  • Shoutout to Gana Diop dropping a three trillion in a preseason game against his former team. Revenge game!