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Bobcats thrash Sixers 110-84, championship bound?

In the Bobcats annual "School Cool" event that brought thousands of middle school kids to their midday preseason game, the Bobcats put on quite a show destroying the Sixers.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Today's preseason game was never even close. The Bobcats started off the game stingily refusing to permit the Philadelphia 76ers to score a single point in the first five minutes of the game. They were up 58-28 at halftime and at one point led by 49 points. The game continued that way the rest of the game with the Bobcats coasting the rest of the way.

With a blowout like this you'd expect a dead quiet arena but the crowd was nice and loud the majority of the game courtesy of your local middle school students. They received complementary tickets with an emphasis on the Bobcats anti-bullying campaign. This years theme was "Too cool to bully". They looked like they were having fun and I'm sure the players were okay with playing such an early game for a good cause like this. We just need to teach those kids that the wave should never be performed, ever.

The early game may have had a little to do with the blowout. The other thing and the more important factor is that the Sixers are really bad. Anyway, players are used to playing at 7 p.m. or later. Having to get up and prepare for an 11 a.m. game can lead to some early sluggishness. However the Bobcats played well enough to where you have to give them credit when credit is due.

The team seems to be figuring out  some of the kinks. Bismack Biyombo looked solid on defense with crisp rotations and he wasn't chasing after too many blocks.

Cody Zeller struggled early collecting two fouls a mere three minutes into his playing time but he composed himself and looked a little less lost as the game went on. He's still adapting so you'd expect the inconsistencies. He had a problem of letting himself get beat on box-outs but his cutting was phenomenal. He always seemed to know the perfect speed to approach the basket and when he needed to get to a spot to receive the ball at the best time.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist attacked the rim a lot, which is great to see. Although his jump shot still needs work you can see that he's working for the baskets where we know he has the ability to score.

The Bobcats looked good today. It's hard to gauge more than individual performances from a preseason blowout against a tanktastic crap force that is the preseason 76ers roster but you can see that the team is starting to figure out how to play together in Steve Clifford's new system. Solid win for the Cats.