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Bismack Biyombo dunked on by teenager

Bismack Biyombo got punked by his entire team AND the media in attendance.


Here is the greatest Bobcats related vine ever: (via Hardwood Paroxysm)

Just look at Biyombo's face when he realized he's been had: immediate laughter, always enjoy a guy that can appreciate a good joke.

After the dunk it's like Jannero Pargo and what looks like Jeff Adrien have been infected with a case of Uncontrollable Jumping Syndrome, a serious somatic disease that WebMD describes as a rapturous contracting and extension of the limbs. Adrien is jumping up and down like a little kid and Pargo has lost control of his arms and legs. He's just jumping and letting the pangs of excitement and joy in his nerves drive the movement of his body.

This was fun. When the NBA is taken as seriously as some do, things like this are always refreshing.