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Bobcats take down Cavaliers 105-92, Kidd-Gilchrist injured

The Bobcats beat the Cavs again but Michael Kidd-Gilchrist would not return after straining his hamstring.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Let's jump right into this recap.

I'm not sure how many people you can find in Charlotte that would opt to go to a preseason Bobcats game when the Panthers are on national television at the same time, but we probably saw all of them in Time Warner Cable Arena tonight.

Gerald Henderson and Jeff Taylor had the two best games tonight for the Bobcats. Henderson followed up a 2-for-8 first half with a 5-for-5 second half including a three-pointer. He finished with 19 points, five assists and six attempts at the free-throw line. Taylor had 20 points on only 11 shots, including three 3-pointers and drawing a couple fouls. He played tons of minutes tonight with Ben Gordon still out and Kidd-Gilchrist's injury. The Bobcats would love for him to be that aggressive and confident on offense all the time.

Speaking of, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist sat out the second half icing his leg due to a strained hamstring. Prior to the injury he had shown a little bit of his offense working in the post and driving to the rim, scoring six points on four field goals. So far I haven't heard any update on his status moving forward.

Bismack Biyombo also did well, as he has in the past week. He gathered six rebounds, four of them offensive, and did well finishing at the rim (read: dunking on fools) and blocking shots.

Cody Zeller's game was a bit up and down. He did shy away from contact a bit -- at one point he shot a floater -- but overall he rebounded pretty well and went into the paint for his offense, coming away with 13 points on 11 shots and with eight rebounds.

As for the Cavs, Kyrie Irving was really good, as people should expect at this point. He's terrific at getting his own shot, hitting from deep and penetrating off the dribble.

Top pick Anthony Bennett was pretty bad once again. The massive grain of salt to take with this is of course his recovery from surgery and injury and that this is only preseason, but still the man has 11 fouls over two games against the Bobcats. He's out of shape and gets beat easily and has to foul to make up for it. He has some good range on his jumper but the other factors outweighed that heavily tonight. He was outhustled on passes and turned the ball over a couple times.

Tristan Thompson continues to impress me in his development but he struggled on offense tonight.