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Gordon should play Wednesday; Jefferson still questionable

The Bobcats have had to deal with an injury bug before the season even started. The Bobcats season tips off Wednesday and there's still some questions.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the preseason Bobcats center Al Jefferson expected to be ready for the start of the season, and he still is optimistic about that. However his status is no sure thing. Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reported Monday that Jefferson was questionable for the season opener. It was then reported that Jefferson still felt some pain in his ankle during a practice today. Jefferson is listed as questionable for tomorrow's game in Houston against the Rockets. He's healthy enough to play but the question is more if the team is willing to play him when he's not 100 percent.

If team doctors feel the pain and stiffness he felt is nothing too concerning then perhaps he can further heal as he plays without too much risk. Go ahead and play him in that case. However, if there is a significant possibility of re-injuring his ankle, then he should sit. The season is just beginning, no need to re-aggravate an injury.

Also, Ben Gordon returned to practice with the team earlier last week and did some workouts and one-on-one drills. Gordon informed the media that he had PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy performed on his knee. PRP therapy is a process that takes a small bit blood from your body, spins it in a centrifuge to separate platelets (which help induce and assist speedy recovery) from other parts of the blood and then reinserts it where the injury has taken place. It's a relatively new procedure among players and is supposed to help the injury recover faster. Gordon sounded very confident to be playing in the opener. "By game night? Yeah, definitely," Gordon said.

Okay first, that procedure he had makes me shudder. Taking out blood then putting it back in ... just ... yeah, I couldn't do that. As far as Gordon playing, there aren't any reports out there today about feeling pain or concerns about him playing,so I think it's safe to say, unless something comes up, we'll see him Wednesday night.