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Charlotte Bobcats vs Houston Rockets diss rap

Yep, we're back.



It's a brand new season, you can feel it in the air
Dwight picked a team but still can't pick what to wear

With these new 'Cats trust me you don't want beef
More spacing on the floor than in between Harden's teeth

Patrick Beverley is starting? Prospects ain't too promisin'
Tell Chandler Parsons to go back to male modelin'

No depth, lookin' mediocre in the west
Omer Asik can set screens but he sure can't catch

Best player on the bench might be Donatas Motiejunas
The Cats unleashin' wrath, "Bro not us," scream the viewers

At the end of the game, all your fans will be cryin', sullen
The Bobcats are back, this time without Byron Mullens.


It's the return of the pranksta

All that pained forced laughta at tha
fart joke basketball nobility that has passed tha
Normal level of tolerability, can't we send Dwight to Alaska

[Uh, get down!]

Affliction t-shirts -- no wait, indecision -- now he's in Ed Hardy
It's early yet but we need Bismack to throw him a block party

Meanwhile Kemba's on the court and he's about to get lewd
Gonna show Houston how to play basketball chopped and screwed

Play Bun B to recover cuz your debut will make you feel sick like eatin' raw dough
Cuz you won't be able to raise up against the team from the land of Petey Pablo.