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Charlotte Bobcats vs Cleveland Cavaliers diss rap

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports


Another year another top pick but still nothin worth watchin'
Anthony Bennett spent it with donuts and cronuts straight gnoshin'

Don't play us or try us, Ramon's runners will right us and might jus' give Uncle Drew arth-rit-us
then Kemba'll burn you like deep fryers, godspeed, Trash-tan Thompson, basketball detritus

Right or lefty, don't test me with that roster that belongs in Hefty
And if you wanna have children leave now or Bismack'll block a shot to your testes

Halloween was yesterday but get ready for your own American Horror Story
Dion will take so many shots that no one will be able to keep inventory

Uncouth and ruthless, we've come to put down the Moon Dog like Old Yeller
The Bobcats'll put you in your place in the cellar and by the way -- you got the crappy Zeller


Kemba launching shots up going hella nova
Your playoff chances look worse than Matthew Dellavedova

Going through the lane, driving and swerving
Uncle Drew has a healthier body than Kyrie Irving

Game hasn't even started but we already won at noon
We won when you picked Dion Waiters ten picks too soon

But let me tell you what's really wrong though, see
You can't win many games starting Alonzo Gee

Coming to Charlotte? You guys are already finished
Bynum's back? He waited 18 months to play seven minutes